STULZ CeilAiR Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners


As the ultimate space saver, STULZ CeilAiR® ceiling mounted air conditioners provide precision temperature and humidity control. Click here to learn about STULZ CeilAiR using 100% Outside Air

Features & Benefits of STULZ CeilAiR


  • DX systems with independently circuited, high efficiency, high reliability, and low noise scroll compressors
  • Wide range of options with DX or CW for precision cooling
  • High static blowers are available for ducted systems
  • Condensate pumps can be factory or field installed (in some models)


  • High efficiency EC Fans available as option in certain units
  • Fully accessible in-place through easily removable side access panels
  • Smaller capacity units easily mounted in a standard 2’ x 4’ grid of dropped ceiling plenum
  • Spot cooler and ducted configuration
  • Available with same-face / one-sided / L-shaped air pattern
  • Available with low profile for limited installation height
  • Small capacity with precision cooling characteristics


  • Aluminum cabinet construction for no corrosion / low weight
  • Thermal insulation provided


  • Water-side economizer with free cooling or alternate water source


  • Variety of controls from electromechanical to state of the art E2 microprocessor, allowing seamless integration with all BMS platforms


  • Integral steam canister humidifier with various capacities and proportional control option


  • Hot gas reheat – Provides reheat using recycled compressor heat
  • Hot water and low pressure steam – Using an external heating medium
  • Electric reheat – Single-stage low watt density, electric resistance heaters

Chilled Water (CW)

  • Proportional controls
  • 2-way or 3-way water / glycol control valves
  • High pressure chilled water valves

Direct Expansion (DX)

  • Heat rejection: air cooled self-contained, air cooled split, or water / glycol cooled
  • Refrigerant R-407c or 410a
  • Single and dual stage refrigerant circuits with enterlaced coils


STULZ CeilAiR Capacities:

kW 3.5 – 35
MBH/hr 12 – 120
Tons 1 – 10
CFM 500 – 4,400



STULZ CyberRow® – Intelligent Rack Cooling


STULZ CyberRow cooling systems are ideal for high density cooling in open or contained systems and provide for targeted hot spot reduction.

Features & Benefits of STULZ CyberRow


  • Widest range of units with the largest cooling capacity in the industry
  • EC Fans provide adjustable air volume based on real time cooling requirements at the lowest energy consumption


  • Adapts to all major manufacturers racks and rack containment systems
  • Installation on raised / non-raised floors
  • Suitable for new and existing data centers; easy to add units as you grow
  • Used in containment, open architecture and hot spot reduction applications
  • Top or bottom pipe and power connections
  • 100% serviceable through front and rear access
  • DX with Free Cooling (FC) Coil available in 24” cabinet

Cold Air Discharge

  • Cold air discharge options, front or side discharge available
  • Front discharge recommended for containment configurations
  • Side discharge recommended for open architecture configurations


  • Various fan control options allowing optimized air distribution
  • Dual power with true auto switch-over function (all CW and 24″ DX)


Chilled Water (CW)

  • 2-way or 3-way CW control valves
  • Low water-side pressure drop

Direct Expansion (DX)

  • DX systems provided with highly efficient, highly reliable, low noise scroll compressors
  • Capacity control utilizing electronic hot gas bypass with electronic expansion valves
  • R-410a refrigerant
  • Heat rejection with air, water, or glycol cooled condensers for the entire product range
  • Optional VFD Compressor


  • Water side economizer with dual coils (DX/CW or CW/CW)

STULZ CyberRow Chilled Water Capacities:

Capacity CRS-090 (12”) CRS-180 (24”)
kW 13 – 37 31 – 75
MBH 44 – 126 106 – 256
Tons 4 – 11 9 – 21
CFM 2,900 5,800

STULZ CyberRow Direct Expansion Capacities:

Capacity CRS-042 (12”) CRS-084 (12”) CRS-090 (12”)*
kW 16 31 33
MBH 55 106 112
Tons 5 9 9.3
CFM 1,500 2,900 2,900

* VFD Compressor


STULZ CyberAiR® – Floor Mounted Precision Air Conditioners


STULZ Perimeter Cooling consists of direct expansion (DX) systems and chilled water (CW) systems.  Both are available as down-flow and up-flow configurations.

Common Features:

  • Multiple upflow & downflow air patterns available, providing flexibility to meet requirements
  • Multiple floor stand configurations available (optional design to meet seismic requirements)
  • Water-side economizer with dual coil applications (DX/CW or CW/CW)
  • Optional – integral steam canister humidifier with various capacities and proportional control option
  • Optional – provide seamless control of external ultrasonic or other adiabatic humidification systems
  • Optional – air-side economizer with vertical or horizontal mixing box
  • Optional – hot water and low pressure steam reheat using an external heating medium
  • Optional – electric reheat – multi-stage low watt density, electric resistance heaters

STULZ offers the broadest range of cooling capacities for CW & DX precision cooling

DX – Air / Water / Glycol Cooled

Product Family Description Cooling Capacity
STULZ CyberAir Floor Mounted Systems DX Dual Circuit DX Systems 21 kW – 105 kW
(6 – 30 ton)
STULZ Mini-Space
Single Circuit DX 3 kW – 25 kW
(1 – 7 ton)
Single Circuit DX 7 kW – 35 kW
(2 – 10 ton)
Dual Circuit DX w/EC Fan 21 kW – 106 kW
(6 – 30 ton)
Modular Dual Circuit DX 24 kW – 70 kW
(7 – 20 ton)
Console DX 5 kW –18 kW
(1.5 – 5 ton)

Chilled Water

Product Family Description Cooling Capacity
STULZ CyberAir Floor Mounted Systems CW Single & Dual Circuit CW Systems 60 kW – 730 kW
(16 – 214 ton)
STULZ Mini-Space
Centrifugal Fans 3 kW – 25 kW
(1 – 7 ton)
EC Fans 30 kW – 360 kW
(8 – 102 ton)



STULZ is the industry leader in technical innovation

STULZ is the first CRAC / CRAH manufacturer in the USA to bring EC Fan technology to the data center.  This technology in combination with STULZ innovative Chilled Water CRAH cabinet design provides an immediate energy savings of up to 30%, which can grow to over 50% savings compared to conventional fan technology with on/off control.


 STULZ CyberHandler provides superior value as a pre-engineered outdoor air handling system for precision temperature and humidity control in a data center.


STULZ CyberHandler – Air Handling Unit

  • Designed with proven STULZ technology
  • Frees up white space in the data center


Features & Benefits of STULZ CyberHandler:

Modular Construction

  • Pre-engineered modules designed to be configured to your needs

Click to view individual modules

Click to view some full configuration examples here

Designed for Data Centers

  • Designed to handle higher return air temperatures than comfort cooling AHUs
  • Engineered and tested for 7×24 operation
  • Outdoor placement frees white space and keeps maintenance away from sensitive IT equipment
  • STULZ E² controller, available with BMS interface

Galvanized Steel Base 

  • Allows Roof, Pad or Curb Mounting
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection

Hinged Access Doors

  • Service access to all sections

Double Wall Panels

  • Excellent insulation and corrosion resistance
  • Thermal break
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal deflection

EC Fan Array

  • Highly reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Built in redundancy
  • Low energy consumption
  • Variable speed
  • Direct drive
  Direct Air Economizer with DX or CW
kW 124 – 459
MBH 421,400 – 1,567,400
Tons 35 – 131
CFM 12,000 – 42,000



STULZ Modular Container


STULZ CyberCon provides superior value for precision temperature and humidity control in a modular/containerized data center (POD).

Features & Benefits of STULZ CyberCon:


Designed for modular/containerized data centers

    • Minimum mechanical installation required – only utilities (condensate drain and other options)
    • No protruding components like fans, doors, or louvers
    • DX cooling with direct adiabatic cooling
    • STULZ E² controller, available with BMS interface

Standard 20’ high-cube container dimension

    • Allows IT POD or Curb Mounting
    • Rapid deployment
    • Easy shipping and handling
    • Short construction time


Hinged access doors

    • Service access to all internal components


EC Fan system

    • Highly reliable
    • Low maintenance
    • Built in redundancy
    • Low energy consumption
    • Variable speed
    • Direct drive


Designed for growth as needed

    • Outside air intake & service access from one long side
    • Allows end-to-end, back-to-back installation, and modular build out