DESICAiR® complete line of desiccant dehumidification systems for industrial and commercial applications

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Industrial Applications

DESICAiR® dry desiccant industrial dehumidifiers provide precision humidity and/or temperature control (humidity levels from 60° F [15.6° C] dew point to as low as minus 40° F [-40° C] dew point) of either a room or process air stream. DESICAiR dehumidifiers solve critical humidity control problems in such demanding applications as pharmaceutical manufacturing, candy pan coating, plastic injection molding, pneumatic conveying, archival storage, and investment casting.

Product Family Nominal Air Flow
Series 1000 150 SCFM – 600 SCFM
Series 2000 750 SCFM – 12,000 CFM
DH Series 100 SCFM

Water Damage Remediation/Disaster Recovery

DESICAiR portable desiccant dehumidifiers are designed primarily for the water damage and mold remediation industry. The rugged, portable, compact design makes them easily maneuverable into tight spaces.  Developed from the DESICAiR heavy duty, industrial dehumidifiers, these units are built to withstand years of on the job use due to the lightweight, corrosion resistant, aluminum construction.

Product Family Nominal Air Flow
DH Series 100 SCFM
Series 500 500 SCFM – 700 SCFM
Series 2900 3000, 5500, 9000 CFM



The E² Microprocessor Control provides an easy to read & comprehensive user interface with large LCD graphical display for complete control and monitoring of your Precision Air Conditioning system. The menu driven interface provides users the ability to scroll through three menu levels: Info, Control & Service. The menus permit the user to easily view, control, and configure the unit. The E² controller is designed with the needs of the engineer, owner, operator, and application in mind. It borrows from years of experience with the STULZ-ATS CyberAir® family of precision air conditioners incorporates the latest techniques being used in today’s 21st century data centers.


  • Dewpoint or traditional temperature/humidity control
  • Large backlight LCD display with optional touch screen version
  • User-friendly keypad operation
  • Factory restore feature returns controller to as-shipped parameters
  • Multiple sensor configurations using workgroup
  • Complete display of all operating system parameters and alarms
  • Event logging recording the last 50 events
  • Password protected menus
  • Day/Night setback scheduling


An active energy storage system is used to provide online control power to the E² controller during the automatic power transfer event. The active energy storage unit is designed to power the controller for a minimum of 90 seconds. The energy storage unit consists of no batteries or moving parts providing long operational life and shelf life with no degradation. The active energy storage unit is automatically recharged once the automatic power transfer occurs and engages operation.


Communication Capability The E² Series controller’s “N + M” (M= number of standby/assist units) networking capability offers greater flexibility when managing two or more air conditioning units. The user may select the number of units to be designated as capacity assist and/ or as standby according to their application. The workgroup can use: individual unit sensors, the lead unit sensor, or calculate and use either the average, minimum, or maximum of the sensor readings.