Solutions for precision, mission critical chillers for medical, process and HVAC

We believe we are a solutions oriented company with emphasis on modular, critical duty, high-quality specialty cooling, ultra-efficiency chillers, heat recovery and free-cooling for HVAC and industrial process applications.
Our product capabilities are diverse. They can be categorized as follows:







Modular Chillers for HVAC and Process

Critical Duty Systems for Data Centers

Ultra-Efficiency Turbocor Flooded Chillers

Critical Packaged Medical Chillers

Pre-Engineered Packaged Chiller Systems

High-Purity Drinking Water Systems


Manhattan Modular Chillers – Air and water cooled designs with scroll or Turbocor compressors from our Canadian or USA factories. Optional pumping, free-cooling, heat recovery, full redundancy. Perfect for data-centers and energy upgrades.

Specialty Chillers & Systems
 – high-quality packaged chiller systems, high-purity drinking water systems, cold-plunges, solvent recovery chillers, ultra-efficiency systems, electronics cooling, packaged chilled water plants and much more. The Arctic Chiller Group has the neccessary resources and experience to meet any chilled water system needs – large or small.

Heat Recovery Chillers


Heat recovery can take many forms. From our water-side systems, six pipe systems, geothermal systems and more. Arctric has experience with many approaches and compressor types to meet heat recovery requirements.

Commercial Modular HVAC – Widest product range in the business. Commercial and Process models.

Medical Imaging – MRI, CAT, Linear Accelerators and other precision medical equipment demanding precise and reliable cooling.

Government and Military – Specialized mobile and stationary equipment. Duties include cooling critical test stands, cooling of RF generating equipment. MilSpec applications, embassies around the world, and higher duty cycle military designs.

Industrial Process – Systems from one to thousands of tons. Low temp, explosion-proof, special materials, there are few limits with Arctic Group.

Labs and Clean Rooms – Semi-conductor, test benches, chemical processing, cooling bath, aparatus cooling, vapor condensing in research laboratories.

Drinking Water Systems – Packages can include refrigeration, or double-wall heat transfer from existing chilled water source, UV treatment, particulate filters, lead and chemical treatment, phosphate feeders, and carbon filters for greatly improved security and taste.